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Our bees collect pollen from a variety of local seasonal flowers and plants such as blooming oak (hrastovo drvo) in the spring and flowering clovers (djetelina). They will fly over 11 kilometers around the farmlands in search of any flowering plants. Our colonies are located amidst the vast farmlands of Southern Ontario east of Toronto, and the local farmers appreciate our bees, not only for helping to pollinate their crops but also for the honey we share with them.

We started our operation almost a decade ago, with the help of another Croatian bee keeper with a lot of knowledge and experience.

Email or call Gino if you'd like to buy some containers, in plastic or glass (we also have small fancy octagonal clamping-lid jars), or even if you'd like to buy a larger quantity in a pail or something. Our prices are reasonable.

Our honey is pasteurized, and nothing is added to it. 100% Natural.

our hard working bee colonies

bee colony residence

Great honey recipes...

Here's a wonderful 2013 documentary, Natural Beekeeping (2013) about traditional beekeeping practices, many of which we use.

uncapping the combs

bees need not be feared

glass jars filled

anatomy of a honey bee

12-frame centrifugal extractor

manual honey extractor

4 frames inside extractor

4 frames of honey spinning
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Gino Nezic   |   gnezic@gmail.com   |   416-522-7653   |   Toronto, Ontario, M8W4M3